Would You Like to Dance

15″ x 30″ / Oil on Canvas / 2009

This painting is the second in a series of my model, Ana. I wanted a larger paint similar to my painting, Reflection but from a different view. As I was sketching her on the right, she was playing with her skirt, so I felt it was inviting with her skirt raised. To capture this painting she stood/posed on each side of my easel.

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Beauty of Two Muses

36″ x 24″ / Oil on Canvas / 2009

This Painting was select for the fourth annual Au Naturel International Juried Exhibition, 2010.

The juror, Laura Russo, was faced with a very difficult task, and after much deliberation, 61 works of art were selected from over 500 submitted images by 158 artists from 29 states, in addition to international submissions from Canada and Europe.   The 2010 exhibit will represent 55 artists from 17 states.

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16″ x 20″ / Oil on Canvas / 2009

This is the first of a series paintings I did of Ana, model from Romania.  She stood next the large mirror in Studio and I was able to capture her and reflection.

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Test Notes Post

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Portrait of Ashly

16″ x 20″ / oil on canvas / 2005

This painting is one of my early portraits. It is amazing how much I have learned. I just wanted to share it.

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Yoga Master

15″ x 30″ / Oil on Linen / 2009

This is painting was captured as my model, Erin, was exercising while she getting ready to pose for me.

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In the Afternoon Light

18″ x 24″ / Oil on Canvas / 2009

This is my second  painting I did of model, Sam.  We wrapped her a lovely scarf and sat her in front a window overlook the city. I was able to capture her in the afternoon.

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Portrait of Brenna

12” x 12” / Oil on Canvas / 2008.
This painting a challenge to paint the lightness of her hair.

For two years I did nothing but Portraits. I went to Portrait Society of America annual conference for two years. Following my intense involvement I was selected to the State Ambassador for the State of Oregon.

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Welcome to My Blog

With my blog I plan to share my artwork, painting experience & knowledge. For five years I did watercolors before buying a handful of oil paints and take a figure painting class. Saying, their is nothing to painting with oils. I just finished five years of painting hard with oils and now I think I can understand the medium.

This photo was taken of me while I was on a Flying Colors watercolor workshop with Barbara Nechis on Lake Como, This was my first painting trip to Europe. What a wonderful experience. A few minutes after this photo was take two mature Italian women stopped and looked at my painting. They were sure excited and expressed how wonderful my painting of Lake Como.

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